Campus TV Information

Television at La Posada

La Posada offers residents two different options for television.

  1. La Posada TV is the standard offering that is similar to Enhanced Cable TV. La Posada TV has over 70 channels with many of them in high definition as well as campus information channels and music channels. The La Posada channel list can be found HERE.
  2. Premium TV is an optional television service that uses programming packages from DirecTV at varied additional monthly fees. Premium TV includes the use of a DVR. Contact the Tech Team for packages and pricing.

The Good Friends Connection

In addition to extensive commercial programming, La Posada TV offers four channels of local video coverage of campus events on a daily schedule and on-demand. There is also an emergency channel, a campus information channel with dining menus and activity schedules and a scrolling guide channel.

Channel 1 – Emergency channel. Displays information about campus outages or important notifications. This channel broadcasts the Sun Sounds audio service and residents can hear newspapers and other current publications being read by Sun Sounds Volunteers. For the Sun Sounds program schedule, visit:

Channel 2 – A continuous scrolling guide for all channels on La Posada TV. This is not an interactive guide, so you would manually tune to the channel you want after seeing which program you want to watch.

Channel 5 – Displays a continuous loop of campus information such as dining menus, scheduled activities, birthdays and other current information.

Channel 67 – Displays the schedule of programs that will play on channels 68 through 71.

Channel 68 – Selected programs recorded by Media Services Volunteers at La Posada are broadcast on this channel.

Channels 69, 70 & 71 – Video On-Demand Channels. La Posada recordings are produced and stored on a digital server known as “the tank”. A complete alphabetical listing (which includes the program order number) of all programs in the tank is available at both the La Perla and La Vista lobbies.

On-Demand Programs

Listings of programs available from the On-Demand Server (aka “The Tank”) is available from the Front Desks.

To order a program you will need the Title Number.

To Order by Telephone: Dial x2010 and follow the verbal directions or dial 0 & they will assist.

To Order by Computer: Input – Login ID: 1234 & follow the directions

Problems ordering? Please report them to the Service Center by dialing 0

Media Services

Media Services is a resident volunteer group who provide the services of event video/audio recording, video editing and program production for showing on the Good Friends Connection or La Posada TV. If your activity has a program scheduled which you feel would be of interest for later viewing by the community, contact Lifestyles to arrange TV coverage. The Media Services group is always looking for interested volunteers who would like to learn and participate.