Mosaic by Posada Life

Introducing Mosaic

What is “aging in place?” You’ve probably thought about how long you can be safe and healthy living in your home. Gone are the days when most people have family nearby or a network of friends and neighbors able to help you stay well and guide you through a maze of services and healthcare systems when needs arise.

Now, in the Green Valley area, Mosaic delivers a trusted source of wellness and healthcare advocacy to the entire community. Mosaic merges the expert staff from La Posada with people who want to live as independently as possible at home.

As a member of Mosaic, you are provided your own La Posada-based team of support and expertise. Your team tailors services to your specific needs.

It is the La Posada mission “to maximize the well-being of seniors.” With Mosaic, we deliver that mission through a strong personal relationship between you and those providing service.

Trusted Experts

Mosaic is designed to maximize the provider/member relationship. We believe that providing meaningful and effective case management and advocacy services, grounded in a proactive wellness format, is most effective when a strong, ongoing relationship is created. We believe as needs and situations change, having a strong and trusted support network to rely upon is critical to maximizing one’s well being.

It’s Personal

Mosaic is staffed from a diverse and expert staff from La Posada. Your personal advocate, sometimes called a “navigator,” is your connection to myriad services. Your navigator is part of a team that includes an RN advocate, clinically licensed social workers, counselors, certified aging services professionals, and nutritional and wellness staff.

Managing all of the complexities of today’s ever changing health care services is a daunting and often frustrating task. Mosaic offers individuals guidance, recommendations and assistance in acquiring the correct services.

This assistance covers such issues as:

  • Assisting and facilitating effective communication among your healthcare providers
  • Communicating among family out of state
  • Tracking and following up on appointments
  • Consulting when searching for home health services and support
  • Designing a proactive wellness plan, tailored to your needs
  • Assisting with interpreting medical bills and charges
  • Consulting for emotional and behavioral issues
  • Assisting in making and keeping social connections and engagement
  • Finding transportation
  • Providing education and disease management information
  • Supporting caregivers with expertise and education


Mosaic offers several pricing options, designed to accommodate your unique needs. Fee assistance is available upon qualification. You may select from an a la carte menu or choose a comprehensive package based on your unique situation and needs. Mosaic offers free initial consultation to help determine the scope of services desired.

Combining “High Touch” with “High Tech”

Mosaic, in partnership with a leading international communications designer, offers members E Connect exclusively to Mosaic members. E Connect is a dedicated and secure web-based communication portal, allowing private social networking and file sharing. Upload important files such as Living Wills and Power of Attorney forms, share your appointment calendar with family and friends as you desire, receive e-mail notifications of upcoming appointments and alerts, communicate with family, medical professionals and your navigator, all from one secure location.

E Connect allows you to stay in contact with the support system you design, unique to you in a secure and trusted easy to use format.